✅Stereo Headset Adapter for Xbox One,Game Audio Mic Headphone Converter – Black Maine

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October 17, 2020

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This is a product manufactured by SweetCom. It is a stereo headset adapter compatible with Xbox One controller and easy to use. Simple and Convenient - This headphone adapter is small and will not hinder your gaming process. At the same time, simple connection operation, no need to connect anything to the xbox one console and receiver, plug and play. Just plug the headset into the stereo headset adapter and connect to the controller. Multi-Function - This stereo headset converter is equipped with multiple button functions, game balance button, chat balance button, volume control button, 12pin interface, 3.5mm audio jack, etc., allowing you to experience more in the game the comfort. Suitable For Quiet Nights - This headphone adapter is very suitable for playing games at night, to avoid the impact of game sounds on the rest of the family, plug in the headphones to enjoy the game. Customer Service - We have passed rigorous testing before leaving the factory to ensure that they can be used normally. If the product you receive is damaged or unusable, please contact us! in Kentucky Maine Indiana Minnesota Louisiana

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