✅Hape Doll Family Mansion| Award Winning 10 Bedroom Doll House, Wooden Play Mansion with Accessories for Ages 3+ Years Iowa

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October 20, 2020

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A COZY DREAM HOUSE: Most children dream of a doll house of their own. This wonderful doll house family mansion is as realistic as it gets. This perfect playset includes a master bedroom, a children’s room, a living room, a bathroom, two balconies, a dining room, a kitchen, a hallway, a garage and a garden area with swimming pool DESIGN YOUR OWN HOME: Let your child’s creativity flourish with a kit of seven furniture pieces and a family of four dolls. Design a pretty kitchen or a cozy bedroom for your doll and let your imagination run free REALISTIC DOORBELL: Complete with a realistic "ding" sound, the doorbell will give you a realistic “DING” sound when a visitor rings it. MOVEABLE LAMPS: The LED lights for each room can be moved using a convenient magnet. Rearrange these moving parts any way you like in Maine Florida Montana New Mexico Minnesota


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