✅Merax Deluxe Foldable Utility Weight Bench Adjutable Sit Up AB Incline Bench Gym Equipment (Black) Nebraska

By Neil

January 12, 2021

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Tough Construction Bench – Upholstered in highly durable vinyl material that will last you for years to come and formulated for easy maintenance and water resistance for easy wipe downs after intense weight bench workouts. Solid 800 LB Capacity Build – Low-profile utility bench constructed with a heavy-duty quality tested steel build that can handle the heaviest loads up to 800 pounds and provide solid support for both you and your weights during heavy lifting sessions on this workout bench. Adjustment Bench – Solid back welded ladder adjusters allow the weight bench back to be adjusted to 6 different angles ranging anywhere between flat, incline and decline so you can get the exact sit up bench workout you need, also with 4 different base seat adjustments for users of varying heights. Soft Dsense Foam Padding – Features dense foam padding throughout for a soft firm surface perfect for long periods of sitting or doing involved sit up or weight lifting bench exercises to build the core, back, chest and more. Merax Weight Bench dimensions: 60"x 22" x 18.3"~50.4". Weight Capacity: 800 lbs in Minnesota New Jersey Delaware Colorado Kansas

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