✅Philips Halogen Landscape Lighting T5 12-Volt Light Bulb: 2800-Kelvin, 11-Watt, Wedge Base, 4-Pack Louisiana

By Grisel

February 22, 2021

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This 11-watt bulb creates soft light that adds brilliance and drama to your landscape. Versatile for multiple applications, this 2800-Kelvin bulb is ideal for illuminating walkways, gardens, and accents landscaping. Dimming feature makes it easy to create the right ambiance for any activity. Features a Wedge base. Flipping the switch immediately lights environment to full brightness; no slow starting or waiting. Philips reuses as much glass and packaging material as possible, reducing environmental impact. Estimated annual energy cost of $1.32 (based on three hours/day). This product ships as a 4-pack. in California Nevada Kentucky Delaware Missouri

Mount Hope

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