✅Titan Fitness Flat Weight Bench with Handle and Wheels, Supports 1000 lbs Alabama

By michel

February 23, 2021

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GAIN MUSCLE: If youre into bodybuilding, this weight bench is for you! It can support up to 1000 lbs., so you can perform multiple strength training exercises. With this weight bench, you can target your biceps, triceps, lats, and more. In no time, youll be able to achieve the fit and lean physique youve been working toward. PERFECT FOR FREE WEIGHTS: Free weights are an excellent way to bulk up and this flat bench is the ideal piece of equipment to add to your free weight routine. Youll be able to perform a wide variety of exercises, including bench presses, incline presses, pullovers, rows, tricep extensions, and curls. Use either barbells or dumbbells as you work out on this bench. COMFORTABLE PADDING: While weight lifting, you should be focusing on pushing yourself to reach some massive gains instead of how uncomfortable you feel. Our weight bench is padded with extra cushion, so you can feel good as you exercise. Additionally, the padding features a sleek leather finish for both comfort and style. STURDY CONSTRUCTION: At Titan Fitness, we dont skimp when it comes to our products. All our products are made from highquality material that is built to last, and this competition bench is no exception. It has a rigid base thats made from steel, so its durable and longlasting. It also has wheels and a handle for quick workout changes. DIMENSIONS: This weight bench is great for home gyms and personal gyms. It has a convenient overall length of 52", a width of 17" and a height of 17". The seats width is 12" and its length is 48", making it wide enough for most people to comfortably sit on. This bench can support a weight capacity of 1000 lbs. in Montana California Massachusetts New York Michigan

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