✅car Headrest Pillow Road Pal Headrest Adjustable Car Seat Head Neck Support U Shaped Car Sleeping Pillow for Kids Leather Minnesota

By Grisel

March 1, 2021

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SLEEPAWAY WITHOUT NECK PAIN: Long-distance trips are always challenging as drivers or passengers. Our car travel headrest makes things easier being functional and reliable from day one. Made of sturdy ABS combined with memory foam and soft leather, this head neck support is comfy, fully adjustable – from the angle of the wings on both sides (up to full turn) to the stalks (up and down). Suitable for all vehicles and most seat's headrest, you just found your best pal for the road MOM'S APPROVED: Driving short or long distances with toddlers can be dangerous if their heads fell down while asleep. With head and neck support on both sides and pads that clicks in each position (temples or cheeks) up to 180 degrees, our sleep pal works wonders in booster seats for safe kids resting while you drive. Easy to put in A NECK SAVER: Safety and comfort are essential in any car trip; because of that, we create our adjustable soft-touch, u-shaped rest; Well stitched in black leather to match your vehicle internally, attaches to your car headrest in the passenger seat (front or back) and folds unobtrusively when need it. No more head hanging in awkward positions, bouncing to the windows, or stiff necks; our car travel headrest is an adult long cushion accessory that your neck didn't even know it needs. CAR NAP MADE EASY: Our soft-touch rest is more than a pillow for passengers or an elders pillow; it is a must-have for relaxing while sitting in the center seat without the head falling in the person at your side. Up or reclined, our cushion accessory is fully adjustable to the user's height and will always stay in place, seated or leaning sideways in combination with our FREE headband; our long rest device offers a well supported and painless nap time for all kids and adults in your life. OVERCOMING EXPECTATIONS: You are making a brilliant decision to do business with our company. Our car headrest is created by and for long trip lovers, for the ones looking for comfort and safety made to perfection on color, functionality, and design. We stand behind the excellence of our brand, and we promise to provide you with the best product and service around or your money back. Add our car travel headrest to your cart and experience our amazing customer service. in Massachusetts Missouri Colorado Louisiana New Jersey

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